viking-rangeOven & Range Repair

It’s such a joy to be able to cook in your very own kitchen, especially if you know that the entire household enjoys anything you serve them. Of course, all these dishes you serve wouldn’t be such a success if you didn’t have the proper tools and equipment to help you through it. And when it comes to the kitchen, there’s nothing better than having an oven you can trust.

It all depends on what kind of cook you are. Some do not really require fancy equipment, while others want to go all in when they choose the oven of their dreams. No matter what your preferences may be, there will definitely be an oven perfect for your needs. But at the end of the day, no matter what kind of oven you buy or how expensive it is, constant use would always make it break down in the end.

This is why every household needs to have the number of a professional oven or range repair service within reach. Remember that the longer your oven stays out of commission, the more out of tune your routine would also be. Especially if the oven has become your constant companion, how can you deliver the same results that have made your entire family anticipate every feat you serve them?

Repair versus Replace

Cases like these, two options often come to mind – to repair or to replace.

Of course, there will really be cases where an oven becomes completely useless and leaves you with no other choice than to replace it. However, you have to make sure that you have an expert check it out and see if it can still be repaired. But if it has gone through a number of repairs already, and has served you far longer than anyone expects it to, then it’s time to let go and scout for a new oven.

But as long as you have the option to repair, always choose to repair. Remember that your initial investment on the oven means that it is expected to work for a given number of years before it completely breaks down. So the moment it breaks down sooner than it should, you should always choose to repair first. After all, replacing it the first time it breaks down would be such a waste on the initial money you invested into buying the piece of equipment.

Oven or range repair also costs far less than buying a new unit. Have you seen how much ovens go for nowadays? Your oven just probably needs a checkup and some new parts. Once that’s done, it can be as good as new and can give you even more years than it should.

range-repairDIY versus Professional Oven Repair

Now that you’ve decided to have your oven repaired, the next dilemma is trying to decide whether you want to do the repair work yourself or not. Sure, you’re not an expert and may have very little technical background. But seeing how those guys on YouTube do it, it all seems too easy.

What you have to remember though, are the risks that DIY repair poses. There’s a very good reason why professional oven repair services are still around. No matter how many YouTube videos there are, nothing still beats the work of a professional.

What are the risks when you do DIY oven repair?

  • You might misdiagnose the problem.

Misdiagnosis is one of the most common culprits why repair work becomes even more expensive than it should be. Lack of technical background would mean that you may not understand what’s really going on, and would end up applying the wrong solutions.

  • You might apply the wrong fix.

Whether you misdiagnose the problem or not, there is always a chance of you applying the wrong fix or following the process incorrectly. You may end up crossing a few wires or replacing the wrong parts. And when this happens, you may end up with a piece of equipment that’s in a worse state than before.

  • You increase the costs.

When you make matters worse, you also increase the costs involved in repairing the product. This is because the professional oven repair service will not only have to fix the original problem, they would also have to deal with the problem you added on top of it.

  • You increase the risks.

It’s an oven, so there’s fire and heat involved. Put these factors into the wrong and inexperienced hands, and you have a number of disasters waiting to happen. What you really have to remember most of all is the fact that you do not only endanger yourself. You also endanger everyone else around you, like your family.

Without a doubt, DIY repair when it comes to an oven should be out of the question. Especially when it comes to safety, the risks are just too great to ignore.

Why D&V Appliance Repair should be the Name to Call

There are so many potential problems, and so many probably fixes. Some of these problems with your oven are common, while some of them may have a unique nature. No matter what kind of problem it could be, D&V Appliance Repair can fix it.

Why should we be the first name in your mind when it comes to oven & range repair?

  • Able to diagnose issues properly and apply long-term solutions
  • Able to work on any major brand of home appliances
  • Certified and experienced technicians who have the most updated trainings
  • Able to work on the issue on the same day
  • No added fees for weekend or evening repair work
  • Estimation fee becomes waived if you decide to have us do the repair
  • 5 year warranty on parts
  • 30 days warranty on labor
  • Only genuine parts used
  • Trucks are fully equipped with everything the technician will need

We understand how important your oven is to you, so we aim to give you the best possible fix, the soonest possible time. Call us now to schedule your appointment – 949-610-7022 and let us fix your oven today.