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Ask anybody what they think would be the most important piece of appliance in the kitchen, and a lot would probably mention the refrigerator. No matter what time of the day it is, you probably find yourself peeking into it a few times to find anything to munch on. For the main homemaker, the fridge also proves to be a great ally as it ensures the quality of any food prepared.

But no matter how high-end your fridge may be, the time will come when it won’t be working the same way it did before. And when this time comes, you’ll need a trusted refrigerator repair service you can trust.

What are the most common refrigerator issues?

Through years of constant use, your fridge will eventually get tired, with some of its parts starting to wear out. This would, of course, affect your entire household. You would have to worry about what inside the fridge and make sure that the food you’re trying to preserve does not go to waste. You’ll have problems with meals, especially if you have a comprehensive meal plan in place.

In other words, your home will never be the same when you have a broken fridge sitting in your kitchen.

So what do you do now? You call people you can trust to do quality refrigerator repair service for you, like D&V Appliance Repair.

What problems can they fix? Here are a few of the most common problems we see in refrigerators.

  • Motor is always running.

Notice how you would hear your fridge’s motor running, and then stopping at different intervals? That’s how it controls the temperature inside. When the ideal temperature is met, that’s also when you notice the familiar hum going away. So when the hum of the motor never goes away like it used to before, you have problem in your hands.

  • Too cold or not cold enough

What’s the use of a fridge that’s not cold enough? And wouldn’t it be a huge hassle if your fridge started getting too cold that it starts to freeze some of the stuff that’s not supposed to be frozen in the first place? This could be a possible problem with the controls, or the condenser coils.

  • Refrigerator not running at all.

When your fridge refuses to work at all, then there are a number of possibilities. Check the power source and see if the problem is coming from there. Otherwise, there could be a problem with the motor that a professional refrigerator repair service could check out.

  • Refrigerator is leaking.

The moment you spot a few puddles around your fridge, then you know that something has to be done. Not only could this cause water damage if left unobserved, it can also lead to musty smells that could ruin your day. This could be a sign of a clogged freezer drain or a condensation tube that has become worn out.

These are just some of the most common problems people usually complain about when they call D&V Appliance Repair for professional refrigerator repair services. But even if your problem is not on this list, this does not mean that it’s something we can’t solve. Because we have definitely fixed some unique problems over time.


Why Professional Refrigerator Repair is a Must

When it comes to refrigerator repair, a lot of homeowners make the mistake of attempting to do it DIY. It’s not surprising at all, knowing that there are tons of tutorial videos online that promise to make the process seem easier. The promise of decreasing costs will also come into the picture, knowing that you wouldn’t have to pay for the services of a professional if you do it yourself.

But you know what? This could make matters worse.

Here are a few reasons why getting professional help from D&V Appliance Repair is still the better option.

  • We can diagnose the problem correctly.
  • We can apply the best possible solution.
  • Our solutions are often long-term.
  • We know the safety precautions that should be in place.
  • We know where to get genuine parts at a cheaper rate.
  • We have everything that’s needed for repair work on your refrigerator.

Your fridge is made up of tons of different parts, all working together to make it deliver the kind of service it should be giving you. This means that if anything goes wrong, there are also tons of possible culprits. To an untrained eye, the symptoms are vague, the solution unclear right off the bat. But to professional refrigerator repair experts like us, we can spot the problem and figure out the cause in no time.

You refrigerator also runs on electricity, and we all know that’s something you can’t play with. Sure, the tutorial you found online seems pretty easy to follow. But once you have all those parts and wires exposed, you have a million different risks and hazards at your hands. Without the proper training, there’s no telling what could happen next.

At the end of it all, DIY is not at all less expensive. If anything, in our experience, it is even more so. We have encountered so many cases where the initial problem should not have been as expensive to repair. In a lot of these cases, the attempt to fix the problem themselves became the culprit in heightened costs and problems getting worse.

Why should D&V be the first people for you to call?

  • Same day service
  • We repair all major brands
  • No additional charge for evening and weekend repairs
  • Trained, certified and experienced technicians, licensed and fully insured
  • Fully stocked vans that have every part and tool we may need for your appliance repair
  • Free estimate fee if we do the repair
  • 5 Year Extended warranty on parts, 30 days warranty on labor

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