Washer & Dryer Repair


Washing Machines make our everyday life much easier and allow us to get more done in less time. Most of the top brands take every step necessary to ensure superior product quality for their washers, but no matter what brand is your washer it can eventually break down one day.
Here are the most common washers’ problems we solve:
Washer does nothing when turned on  – when your appliance doesn’t turn on at all, we always suggest to check if it plugged in and if the electrical outlet has power on it before calling an appliance repair company; sometimes the solution can be that simple.
Water does not drain – this is one of the most common and most frustrating problems with washers. The reason could be as simple as a clogged or kinked drain hose but it could also be more serious as water failed pump or broken belt.
Washer will not finish a cycle – again, this is a problem that commonly plagues washers and could be caused by any number of things. Your timer panel may be broken and it is a very simple issue for a certified repairman to fix.
Clothes come out dirty – this could be due to any number of reasons like a broken detergent dispenser or a loose and broken belt just to name a couple. It is best to call in an appliance repair professional  to handle the problem for you and he will also bring in the necessary replacement parts should there be a need.
These problems are very common especially in older washers but they could also happen to new machines. If you want to make sure the problems are fixed and they do not become worse, call us (949-610-7022) to help you out.


Dryers eliminate the need to manually wring out your clothes and wait for the heavily wet and dripping pieces to dry up. With a functional dryer, you can lessen your laundry time by several hours and save you time.  But after some time, you can see some problems with your dryer especially if you frequently use it. As with any machine, wear and tear is normal. However, you really don’t have to completely replace it if you can find out what’s wrong and have it repaired. Your dryer works differently from your washing machine and their mechanisms have highly different purposes which is why some of the following common problems are unique to dryers only:
Dryer won’t start up – Make extra sure you have it plugged in before calling in for appliance repair help. A lot of times this is overlooked! If it IS plugged in, however, check your central electricity box to see if one of your fuses has blown. You should also check if a circuit breaker has tripped. If you cannot do this, you should call an electrician to check things for you.
A terrible noise comes from the dryer – You probably have a broken motor or belt.
Clothes don’t dry fast enough – This problem can be caused by a dirty lint filter or clogged dryer hose. You also ought to check the vent. The trap door can have lint accumulated.
Drum is not rotating but the motor is running – This is also can be caused by a faulty belt.
No heat or too much heat from the drum –  There could be a couple of problems when the heating doesn’t work. Your heating coils may be impaired, the timer might not be working, there could be a bad temperature switch, or there is a broken fuse.
All above problems can be easily solved by professional appliance technician, just give us a call at949-610-7022to schedule an appointment.